Thursday, February 11, 2016

Racktor series

Racktor is the best ever Midi control App available on Android device. Racktor series is coming with three versions specially designed for specific devices. Convert your Android device to a amazing midi controller, release of all your bulky devices, and gather it in one machine. Control everything with your fingers and simplify your compositing. Your midi controller is now a part of your project, with the further XT features, you will be able to create your own controller with a lot of components. Racktor is compatible with a lot of musical software like FL-Sutdio LIVE Reason Cubase and more...


Racktor-ST over view

Planning projects

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Drum PAD machine

Looking for make drum loops? Like a MPC, we want to develop an application that can give you everything you need to create your drum loops, still in a very professional and user friendly interface!

Ableton LIVE edition

Application totally designed for Ableton Live, offering a multitude of features and specially developped and adapted to Live interface.

Racktor Desktop

Free download links!

You need to install Racktor-Desktop to use Racktor applications.